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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bullying is so bad.. cops have been called way too many times! vening, i'm eliz two girls viciously beaten, the bay area middle school where bullying is so bad the cops have been called way too many time. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the students tell us the brutal acts you saw on that cell phone video happen far too often in one bay area school district and a number of parents are quick to add the district is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. cbs5 reporter allen martin is back with a story he's followed for months now to show us how bad it really is. >> reporter: it's cell phone video of a brutal attack in a schoolyard. you see the victim struggling to defend herself while other students watch and even laugh. the girl getting pummeled, 11- year-old anesia william. >> i just remember being on the ground. >> reporter: she's still confused about what happened.
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she lost consciousness and was hospitalized for a concussion. >> i was trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: it happened at hogan middle school in vallejo and it's not an isolated case. >> she hit me here. >> reporter: victoria lopez an 8th grader said she, too was grabbed by the hair, thrown to the ground and viciously beaten. so was her best friend. >> she busted my lip right here. >> reporter: cynthia said the pulleying started with a threat. >> -- the bullying started with a threat. >> she said do you have a phone? i said no. she said i don't like you. >> reporter: soon after she was attacked suffering cuts and bruises. her arm is still scarred. all three girls say they have no idea why they were targeted. >> they just attack you for no reason. >> reporter: in police reports it's confirmed the attacks were unprovoked and the victims never attempted to fight back. police were called to hogan middle school 179 times since september, 2011, the most calls among vallejo middle schools. parents say bullies are often
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the reason for those calls and that bullying has gotten out of control. >> these kids are vicious and this is how they make name for themselves. >> reporter: but even worse says anesia's mother. >> there was no school nurse called, anyone that came to her aid at all while they cleaned up the bloody mess. a crime had actually been committed in my opinion at school and i feel that the principal there at hogan had covered it up. >> reporter: victoria and cynthia's mothers agree. >> i was upset that the school did not call the police. why did i have to call the police? why do i have to take her to the hospital? where is the attacker? translator: they don't take bullying seriously. >> reporter: they say the bullies got suspended but were back threatening and intimidating their daughters again. >> i went to the superintendent's office and the school district. i got the run-around. >> reporter: meanwhile the daughters say while the bullies roam free victims like themselves are isolated. >> they hide us and put us in
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the library. i think that's wrong because we're not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: hogan middle school did not respond to our request for an interview, but the district did. >> if they are still saying that this is going on, ask them, please ask them, to come see me because that truly should not be happening. >> reporter: latonya derbeni investigates complaints for hogan unified. >> i think it's important we take every complaint and allegation seriously because what if they are telling the truth. >> reporter: she says many attacks may be staged fights. >> usually, almost always there are students who help to arrange it. >> there are cell phone videos of some of these fights not prearranged. they're saying children were sort of ambushed and this is extreme bullying. >> no. if there is a video and we have that information and we see that information, we're going to deal with that appropriately. >> reporter: but ladonna williams said the district saw the video of her daughter's
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brutal beating and still did nothing. meanwhile eight months after that attack her daughter anesia still has to take medication for her concussion and even though she's left hogan she still lives in fear. >> i want parents toed up that when something like this happens, your safety and your sense of well being is forever shattered. incidents... or even schools. >> the vallejo school district wouldn't talk to us about any specific students, incidents or even schools. however, we have been informed that at least one parent, ladonna williams, has filed a lawsuit against the district. >> these are public schools. there's public funding. shouldn't there be public information coming out? that's my first concern. second is how does this school district compare with others in the bay area? >> we do know from the police department that the police responded 1,300 calls to the vallejo schools in the past year. we looked up a california healthy kids survey. it showed 52% of middle school students in vallejo say they've been physically assaulted at
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least once in the last year and the statewide average is 44%. >> parents doing the right thing. they go to the school district. they go to the superintendent. they feel like they're not getting heard. they're not getting answers or response. >> stay with it. let us know what's going on. >> we will. we turn now to contra costa county, a man sitting in his apartment found himself in a life and death struggle with a burglar. cbs5 reporter kristen ayers pieces together a crazy story in pittsburg where when it was over, the burglar was dead of. >> reporter: it began as a break-in and ended in bloodshed. >> i saw there was probably five, six, seven police officers and they were taking a body out of there on a gurney. >> reporter: neighbors say it's rare to hear about burglaries at this complex, but around 10:30 this morning pittsburg police say the man who lived here heard something strange at his door. >> the resident was home alone at this location heard what he describes as someone
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manipulating the front door knob of his residence. >> reporter: the suspected burglar, a 54-year-old convicted criminal with a long rap sheet, was carrying a fake gun. he probably never expected to run into a resident armed with a real gun. >> retreats back to his bedroom and gets a loaded firearm. by the time he makes it back to the front door is he confronted by the suspect now inside his house. >> reporter: authorities say a struggle followed during which both men lost their guns. the homeowner scrambled for knife and police say used it in self-defense. >> fatally stabbed the suspect in the neck. >> reporter: a killing that has shaken this small apartment community. >> my opinion is it's a generally safe area since i've been living here the last three years, but this is the first time this has happened. >> reporter: people who live here say the fact the resident was armed and the intruder killed doesn't make them feel safer. >> i hear that crime is kind of spiraling out of control slowly but surely. >> reporter: police left this scene a short time ago after
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spending about 12 hours here. they say they are questioning two other people who they believe may have also been involved in the burglary. live in pittsburg, kristen ayers, cbs5. someone broke into a bay area museum and made off with a fortune and it all happened in less than a minute. the thief stole a historic gold box and another item from the oakland museum yesterday morning while the museum was closed. the box is reportedly worth more than $800,000. the museum tells us the burglar knew exactly what he or she was after and it's the 2nd time in two months this museum has been burglarized. both times items were stolen from one particular gallery. e-of-the art airplane? it' have you heard about the problems with boeing's new state of the art airplane? it's called the 787 or dreamliner. the latest mishap happened today in boston. cbs5 reporter kiet do tells us
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timing couldn't be worse for a big event in san jose. >> this has been an embarrassment for boeing, especially since the 787 has been touted as the next generation plane of the future. regardless it looks like the 787 is still getting the benefit of the doubt. so far it has not been a good week for the 787. today 40 gallons of fuel spilled as a dreamliner was about to take off from boston to tokyo. the plane from japan airlines was towed back to the gate and then yesterday another 787 also from japan airlines had smoke spewing from the cabin after passengers got off again in boston and one month ago a united 787 made an emergency landing in new orleans after one of six generators failed. the plane itself never lost power. >> no matter how much testing you do there are some things that unfortunately are inevitably discovered during the real world of operational airline flying. >> reporter: cbs aviation analyst captain sully
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sullenberger says boeing and the airlines must show they're working hard to find the causes to the prones in order to maintain public -- problems in order to maintain public confidence. >> we have to make sure the system continues to work and these problems are quickly addressed. >> reporter: the airport is decked out with all nippon airway's banners for its nonstop flight between san jose and tokyo friday, yes on, a 787. five flights a week will help pay for the $1 billion airport upgrade. ana worked closely with boeing to help make the 787 one of the most quiet, comfortable and eco friendly planes today. ana has been heavily marketing the dreamliner as a flagship plane using it to draw flyers into the south bay. >> i think it's a great aircraft for this market given the size of the market and the direct flights we want. it will fit san jose very well. whether or not it's the right decision for ana is up for them to decide. i think we'll find out if we
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fill it up with people. >> reporter: boeing released a statement saying they're working with the ntsb and these are all isolated incident. you can only catch a 787 here in san jose. the first flight comes in from tokyo 10 a.m. friday and yes, there will be a huge party. kiet do, cbs5. coming up the warning the tanker pilot got right before he sideswiped the bay bridge. >> the new rule that would force car companies to make vehicles louder. >> and what's threatening elephant seals at point reyes? >> behind me are the temperatures that have been the coldest so far this year, 36 degrees for san francisco. find out which one night will likely be the coldest of the year. that's coming up.
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the ones who inspire us the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on
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the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life everything we do is to help you keep good going. before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the vessel we learned that way, went out to the tanker pilot right before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the u.s. coastguard said vessel traffic service warned the pilot moments before his tanker grazed a brim tower. right now the overseas reymar is anchored off treasure island.
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that's where it's been since yesterday morning's crash. turns out the man at the helm is no stranger to maritime mishaps. captain guy kleess was involved in three previous minor scrapes. in august of '09 his ship was briefly grounded in the sacramento river. two days later he damaged a dock at the port of stockton. in may of 2010 captain kleess was supervising a trainee on a tugboat that hit the bottom at richmonds harbor. >> i don't think you can go through a career without having some interaction with the bottom or other vessels. >> the pilot passed an alcohol test. we're waiting for word on a drug test. he's on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the department of transportation says hybrid and electric cars will get a whole lot louder if the feds get their way. the department of transportation says the vehicles are just too quiet and that makes them a potential threat to bicyclists and pedestrians. so the feds just proposed a new rule that would require new
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green vehicles to be loud enough so you can hear them coming. >> the car is very quiet. you cannot hear anything. so you have some people when they're coming to try the car ask is the car on. >> how the feds say louder cars could prevent almost 3,000 accidents a year. 2012 was the hottest year ever in the lower 48 states. government scientists say the average temperature was 55.3 degrees. that broke the old record set back in 1998 by 1 full degree. not only is it getting hotter, but sea levels are rising. because of that cbs reporter john black stone says scientists are worried that california's famous elephant seals could be wiped out for good. >> reporter: with an old lighthouse at its tip, point ray is just 10 miles into the pacific ocean. each winter it attracts three kinds of mammals, gray whales,
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elephant seals and humans. >> we came out to see the whales and elephant seals. >> i like their big noses and when they move. >> reporter: the beach is just one of a handful of places on the california coast where elephant seals spend time onshore. >> what's special about this place? >> the elephant seals come here to mate and also to give birth. >> reporter: but climate change may have an impact on this elephant seal population boom. rising sea levels could threaten the creature that spend most of its life at sea. researchers say by 2050 a 1 to 2-foot sea level rise brought on by melting polar ice could endanger about half the elephant seal habitat here, but the gray whales that swim right past point reyes on their annual migration from alaska to mexico may already be showing physical signs of climate change. >> they can be used as a sentinel species for giving us an idea with what's going on
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with climate change in the arctic. >> reporter: researchers tracking whales from the air are spotting some that appear underfed. scientists say changing ice patterns in the arctic may be keeping the whales out of their usual feeding grounds. >> a few whales you can see their scapula or shoulder blades sticking out. you're not supposed to see shoulder blades and ribs on a whale. >> reporter: what's going on below the surface may be more important than what's happening above. a pair of wild turkeys invaded one san jose neighborhood. >> one of them picked up a pretty bad habit. take a look at this. this turkey genius likes to run right up at your car as it's passing by. the burrs hang out on first street near -- the birds hang out on first street near interstate 880. they appeared right around the holidays. someonewildlife experts believe
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someone raised the turkeys and let them loose. >> they just think they're safe after thanksgiving. speaking of chill, we'll be under the chill meaning the whole western half of the country. this outlook goes through mid- january and it's predicting we will be below normal temperaturewise for some time. we are talking pretty much through about january 17th or 18th staying below normal including the bay area. we are trending colder after a day today where many of you hit the 60s. overnight tonight mid-40s, oakland, vallejo, concord 43, mountain view 46 and the radar right now cbs5 hi-def doppler is mainly dry. changes are coming tomorrow. the leading edge of cold air is 18 hours away. it will get here tomorrow afternoon giving us some scattered showers, but that's not the big deal. the front gets here tomorrow. it's what's behind the front that is the big deal. it's going to be basically like mother nature pouring a bold of cold air over the top of
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california down to los angeles and san diego. we'll have highs for most of us only in the 40s thursday with overnight lows thursday night, friday morning away from the water likely the 20s, mid-20s for some of you and in san francisco there's a chance we may hit the freezing mark, down to 32 degrees come friday morning. showers get here late tomorrow. that's the front. behind the front snow level drops. some of you in the north bay and higher elevations may see snow showers thursday morning above 1,500 feet and a chilly start friday morning, lows in the 20s and mid-30s. tomorrow palo alto 55 with late day showers, redwood city 55, freemont 54, concord 54 degrees, pleasanton 55. you won't have the morning fog you had today, berkeley 55 and san leandro 55 degrees. so rain moves in plate, not much rain but a lot of -- late, not much rain but a lot of cold. milder over the weekend, partly sunny. next week we're back to normal which is the mid- to upper 50s
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various things.
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well, like every newsroom we get a lot of story pitches from people wanting publicity for various things. >> 1 local author told us how he was promoting his book. we sent linda yee to see if he really meant it. >> reporter: jumping into the bay with water temperatures in the 50 plus degree range and dodging freighters during the swim. >> we wave. it's neat to be out there. >> reporter: all of this child's play he says. surfing mavericks was worse. strapped with a camera around his neck, yogis is doing the chilly evening swim to sell a book, the fear project. >> it's not about risking your life. it's just about expanding your comfort zone. >> reporter: >> reporter: i think it's got to be the crazy jest fear defying stunt there is, but he
11:24 pm
made it with the help of ultra swimmer jamie patrick. they swam from treasure island to san francisco in just over an hour. you conquered all your fears now? >> out there it felt great. it's all the stuff on land that i still have to worry about. >> reporter: like the 100 or so people who jammed into book passages to hear him read and sign his work. he says he suffers more anxiety from social situations like this. seems fear has a lot of company and he hopes that translates into book sales. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs5. everybody is talking about this big football game. >> that's right. >> packers coming to town. >> did you hear what aaron rodgers said? >> someone told me one time that you interviewed him. >> it is exclusive to channel 5. folks, if you haven't heard what aaron rodgers said about the 49ers, stick around. >> and stanford's 80 game streak in the pac-12, we'll show you next.
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presents just for u. ♪ ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. -1 bears the bank of the west sports report is next on cbs5. >> stanford women haven't lost
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a pac-12 game since 2009 when cal beat them. the bears seemed prime to do it again off to the best start in program history. clarendon had 17. the team wasn't ready for the streak to end. the tough layup to give stanford the lead in the 2nd half, tough. stanford wins 62-53 tonight. sacred heart versus st. ignatius at usf, smith to courtney. she's just a tough player. thank you very much. electrical night especially when the boys hit the floor in the night cap. matt brown for the wide open dunk and the lead. wildcats beat sacred heart 56- 46 and they get the coveted
11:29 pm
bruce mahoney trophy. time now for the nightly running of my exclusive interview with aaron rodgers on the day he was drafted by green bay. >> >> reporter: how disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er? >> not as disappointed as the 49ers will that be they didn't draft me. >> that is a money bite. rodgers was a 49er fan growing up. collin kaepernick was a 49ers fan growing up. he wrote as a kid he wanted to be quarterback of either the 49ers or the packer. jim harbaugh says these young guns are preparing well for these playoffs. >> the way he's handling it so far this week, the way he's noting it is savantlike, yes. do with all those rings??? ve.. nick saban coached alabama to their third national title in four years last night. what does a coach do with all those rings? here's the top five.
11:30 pm
>> i just put them on the coffee table for the recruits to look at. alabama quarterback aj >> that will get you more recruits. katherine webb became more famous than her boyfriend, alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron. turns out miss alabama picked up over 100,000 twitter followers last night including lebron james. no. 3, brazil kenyon runner roddich was attacked by a spectator and continues and wins the race. no. 2, ohio state wins and the rich get richer. no. 1, tournament of championship in hawaii. bill hawes misses the putt and has a bastida episode. >> oh, it's coming, watch. >> ken, i've seen you doing many times. >> pick that up. >> dustin johnson wins the tournament. we'll be right back.
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. williams. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. got a chance to meet aaron rodgers tomorrow night? >> exclusively on cbs5 tomorrow night. >> letterman is next.
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